The CCD brings together diverse churches from around the city with a focus on two key areas – Facilitating Collaboration and Church Planting. If you’re a pastor and would like to learn more about how you and your church might benefit from our network we’d love to hear from you. If you’re part of a church or know a pastor who might be interested, please let us know. Here’s a little more information about how we accomplish our goals, and some of what we provide for and ask from member churches:

What We Provide:

Facilitating Collaboration

  • Operations and Logistics

    Best practices and support for setting up and managing systems for service planning, church database management, online giving, website, social media, online advertising, bookkeeping/accounting, and human resources. We also have a strategic partnership with Dime for discounted outsourced bookkeeping/accounting services.

  • Teaching/Preaching Support

    CCD churches are invited to collaborate on three sermon series a year – Lent, a shared summer series with churches around Denver, and an Advent series. Pastors can collaborate throughout the year with one another for support for individual messages or series they are teaching. Member pastors can also provide guest teaching for one another to provide a break or introduce a new voice. CCD also has a program for developing young communicators from member churches.

  • Worship Music Support

    Worship leaders and band member have the opportunity to collaborate through personal interaction and our online collaboration center. They also are available to leverage worship leaders or band members to perform at other member churches, providing a diversity of musical expression or to provide a fill or break for regular musicians.

  • Ministry Support

    Staff of member churches collaborate on best practices for pastoral care, family ministry, children’s ministry, students ministry, small groups, and adult discipleship through personal interaction and our online collaboration center.

  • Shared Events

    CCD churches regularly host classes or seminars that are open to attendees of other churches. This provides access to more development opportunities for attendees with no additional work to staff members.

  • Staff Development

    CCD member churches gather once per quarter for a morning of shared staff development through teaching and interactive discussion. This alleviates the pressure for pastors to bear the weight of developing staff members alone.

  • Pastoral Support & Development

    Through monthly gatherings with other pastors and discounted or free access to development resources from partner organizations, the CCD is first and foremost a pastors’ network. We believe there is a direct correlation between healthy pastors and healthy churches.

  • Strategic Partnerships

    We have strategic partnerships with local and national organizations that can help provide development, services and support to our pastors and churches including leadership coaching, administration support, bookkeeping & accounting, web and I/T services, and much more. These services are provided at discounted rates to members through our partner relationships.

Church Planting Support

  • Coaching

    CCD provides member churches with coaching and assistance to develop their own unique approach to church planting. We believe that churches plant churches, but we want to come alongside our members to assist in that process.

  • Logistical Support

    CCD can provide logistical support and guidance for establishing new church plants – creating non-profit organizations, filing for 501c3 status, establishing banking, member management systems, website, social media presence, online giving, procuring software and service donations, developing a budget, setting up bookkeeping/accounting, and much more.

  • Ongoing Relational Support

    CCD church plants are invited to collaborate as members from the beginning. This provides an ongoing decentralized community of peer support for the pastor and gives new churches immediate contribution into the network. Church plant pastors are invited to integrate their staff team into the CCD collaborative network when they deem it appropriate.

  • Church Planting Grants

    CCD works hard to keep administrative costs low so that all funds contributed by member churches or supporters above operating expenses go back to member churches in the form of church planting grants.

What We Ask:

The CCD is a relational network held together by a commitment between church leaders on behalf of the congregations and organizations they lead. We ask all leaders to make a commitment to one another (not to CCD as an organization) to live out the distinctives of the cooperative. This includes participating as a faithful member of the cooperative’s regular rhythms of connection and interaction and living out the commitment of interdependent cooperation with other churches as needs and opportunities arise. CCD is funded by member churches and faithful individuals who believe in our mission and give to support the ongoing administration, development, and expansion of the network. Our goal is that any contributions to CCD beyond operating costs are reinvested back into member churches in the form of church planting grants. If you’d like to give to CCD, click here to go to our online giving page. Or you can send a check to us at 700 Bonnie Brae Blvd, Denver, CO 80209.

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